Alternative Education

The Alternative Education Curriculum is an option for students who are unable to meet the learning outcomes of the Secondary Level Regular Education Program, even after the Adaptive Dimension has been applied extensively. The Ministry of Education suggests that the decision to move a student from a Regular Education Program to an Alternative Education Program/curriculum should be based on formal and informal assessment of both academic and cognitive functioning. A student’s educational history must be considered by the team.  Communication with both student and parent /guardian is necessary for the move to an Alternative Education Curricula or program. While all high schools have access to Alternative Education Curricula, Wesmor and Carlton High Schools offer specific classes at the 18, 28 and 38 level.

The Alternative Education program does not meet the current admission requirements for most post­secondary institutions.  Regular or Modified Education courses may be taken concurrently with the Alternative Education courses. If the student discontinues from the Alternative Education program, he or she must complete all required regular education courses in order to graduate with a regular education grade 12.

Referral Process

  1. The Education Support Teacher or the School Principal contacts a Student Support Services Consultant.  Current assessments supporting the referral will be requested or reviewed.
  2. Parents are invited to discuss the merits of the referral to the special program.  A signed Placement Form is required before enrolment may occur.
  3. A transition plan will be developed to facilitate enrolment in the program.  This may include visits to the program by parents and the student.  Supporting professionals may be invited to share information about the students learning needs.   This plan may also include specialized equipment needed, transportation, health and safety needs or other aspects that are essential to the success of the student in the special program.

Alternative Education courses approved for Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division can be found here.

Alternative Education courses with a prescribed curriculum are listed below.  All other Alternative Education courses are 50% or less of the core provincial curriculum as per the SK Ministry of Education Alternative Education Policy (2022).

Policy, Guidelines, and Procedures for Alternative Education Programs 2022.

Course Name Curriculum Guide
Native Studies 18 Native-Studies-18_2008
Native Studies 38 Native-Studies-38_2008
Social Studies 18 Social-Studies-18_1996
Social Studies 28 Social-Studies-28_1996
Social Studies 38 Social-Studies-38_1996
History 28 History-28_2009
History 38 History-38_2009
English Language Arts A18 English-Language-Arts-A18_2015
English Language Arts B18 English-Language-Arts-B18_2016
English Language Arts 28 English-Language-Arts-28_2017
English Language Arts A38 English-Language-Arts-A38_2016
English Language Arts B38 English-Language-Arts-B38_2016
Mathematics 18 Mathematics-18_2015
Mathematics 28 Mathematics-28_2015
Mathematics 38 Mathematics-38
Science 18 Science-18_2015
Environmental Science 28  Environmental_Science_28_March2017
Health Science 28 Health-Science-28_2017
Career and Work Experience 18A, 18B, 28A, 28B, 38A, 38B CareerandWorkExploration-18-28-A38_2016