Welcome to the web site of the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division. “Excellence for Every Learner” Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division is a publicly funded, public school division. As such, we welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds, and provide a range of programming that is the envy of school divisions across the province. Students looking for that wide range of programming, provided in a values-laden environment, have found great comfort, and success, in our schools. We take tremendous pride in the relationships we have with parents and guardians and associated groups, and in the many ways we work with other agencies in the community, all on behalf of what’s in the best interests of students. We are also very proud of our staff, and commend them, no matter what their role, for the part they play in addressing the educational, spiritual, and social needs of our students. Our school division was first created in 1997, the joining (restructuring) of four existing school divisions. A second restructuring came into effect on January 1, 2006, and resulted in the school division as it now exists. We are a large school division geographically, with schools located in the City of Prince Albert, as well as in rural areas in all four directions from the city, ranging from Big River to St. Louis to Kinistino to Meath Park to Christopher Lake, and many points in between; 32 schools in all, serving 9,000 students, the responsibility of a 10-member Board of Education comprised of rural and urban trustees. Thank you for the visit; please come again.