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SRPSD recognizes Youth Safety Education Day in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, young people and new hires are the most at risk of injury on the job.  Over 45% of people, aged 15-24 will experience a workplace injury in our province this year. However, with proper safety training, awareness, and education these workplace injuries can be prevented.

For the past seven (7) years, Service Hospitality, an organization that raises awareness of workplace hazards and risks, has approached the Ministry of Education, Gordon Wyant, to proclaim a day dedicated to the safety of our youth in this province.  This year, he has once again proclaimed September 10th as Youth Safety Education Day in Saskatchewan.

On Friday September 13th, in recognition of Youth Safety Education Day, Service Hospitality has collaborated with the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division and Carlton Comprehensive Public High School, to hold an entertaining and educational workplace health and safety event, with a focus on the importance of mental health. This partnership will help provide students with the proper tools and resources when it comes to workplace health and safety, prior to entering the workforce – youth are the most at risk for injury on the job.