Board Meeting Highlights

April 6, 2020

Cree Language Program is STILL coming to SRPSD

After over a year of gathering information, engaging the community, and careful planning, the Board announced on March 9, 2020 the approval of a Cree Language Program.  Since the announcement, the world has changed but the Board is still looking forward to Sept. 2020 when SRPSD begins to offer Cree Language Kindergarten Program at John Diefenbaker Public Elementary School.  We will start small to ensure a strong foundation and we anticipate the program will grow over the coming years.  If you live in the John Diefenbaker attendance area, consider the Cree Language experience for your Kindergarten child.  Call 306-764-1571 and leave a message for Principal Roy Feschuk for details.

Supplemental Learning Program

The Board of Education recognizes that the tremendous effort of the SRPSD staff, along with the supportive response from parents, has created an excellent start to the supplemental learning program.  Trustees encourage patience, understanding and self-compassion for staff and parents because this is not something where local students are losing ground.  Over 1.2 Billion students around the world are experiencing learning disruption and our students are well served by SRPSD staff and families.  A strong start to supplemental learning, with most families contacted and choosing to participate puts the division in a good place to grow, expand and endure the challenges that may come.

LED Lighting Efficiency Project

With each minor renovation project over the last several years, the division has replaced existing lights with LEDs. Armed with that experiential knowledge, and in anticipation of recovering initial costs within 2-3 years, the Board has approved a division-wide LED replacement project.  The tendering process is complete and the $1.2M project has been awarded to local contractor Bill’s Electric City based in Prince Albert.  Not only will this project save costs, it will improve lighting in school learning environments.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board remains focused on student learning and effective governance. The Board holds meetings by teleconference, posts board packages on the division website ( and shares highlights with the public and the media. Further details about the Board and its meetings, are at this link SRPSD Board Information, but you are also encouraged to contact your local trustee.  We look forward to the connection!

Board of Education Email
Barry Hollick, Board Chair
Jaimie Smith-Windsor, Vice-Chair
Bill Gerow, Trustee
Grant Gustafson, Trustee
Arne Lindberg, Trustee
John McIvor, Trustee
Darlene Rowden, Trustee
Michelle Vickers, Trustee
Bill Yeaman, Trustee