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St. Louis Public School’s Grade 10 Art Class

In November of 2021, St. Louis Public School’s Grade 10 Art class had the opportunity to work with Donny Parenteau.  At first, Mrs. Kostyniuk was going to have him speak about song writing, but the project soon evolved into writing a song, and then recording it.  To do this, Donny asked the students to write poems in class about St. Louis.  They then brought these poems to a virtual meeting and picked a line from every person’s poem.  Over the course of four virtual sessions, these lines became the words to the song and Donny came up with the music.   Because our Grade 10 class was small, some Grade 8 and 9’s helped with the singing for the video.  In June 2022, Donny came with Blue Walls Studio and recorded and filmed in the library.  Here is the final product:

We are ever so grateful to the St. Louis Branch Wapiti Library Board, the Gabriel Dumont Institute, the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division, Gary O and Blue Walls Studio, and especially to Donny Parenteau.

Not only did the students far exceed the outcomes of the course, they also learned how to take a project idea from start to finish, and had an authentic once-in-a-lifetime experience.