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Michif Early Learning Pilot Project

The Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division (SRPSD) is excited and honored to announce that we will be joining the Metis Nation-Saskatchewan in preserving and revitalizing Michif language and culture.  The Metis Nation Saskatchewan will provide support, expertise and resources while early learning staff within SRPSD will provide knowledge, vibrant early learning environments and strong community connection.

Two SRPSD schools will be joining the Michif Early Learning Pilot Project (MELPP) starting in the fall of 2021.  St Louis Public School and Queen Mary Public School staff are getting ready now to welcome students into the program.  SRPSD has a strong history of successful early learning programs and joining this program is an exciting addition.  We know that a strong start in education is paramount to early learning development and future student success.  This MN-S program is an exciting opportunity because children with a strong cultural identity and respect for multiple languages and cultures often have increased academic success.

Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division’s early learning educators will be working with MN-S and our staff and families in these two school communities to determine the details about how the MELPP will be structured and delivered.  We know that these two schools are great places to work and learn, and this program will become an integral part of our schools.  There are many exciting details that need to be finalized but this will be an excellent opportunity for the young learners in St. Louis and Queen Mary schools.