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Board Meeting Highlights April 28, 2021

At the recent Board meeting, trustees frequently expressed gratitude for the amazing staff who provide excellence in education, despite the extra challenges from COVID. Other meeting highlights include:

1. Successful Enrolment and Engagement Initiative
The Board learned about the impressive work that has helped families overcome their specific COVID related challenges in schooling. Staff in schools have engaged and connected with families to connect and reconnect during pandemic interruptions. Student Trustees at the Board table outlined the many successes of student leaders in schools across the division as they keep students engaged and schools positive places to work and learn. Virtual clubs, COVID-safe activities and advocacy for mental health supports are some of the student-led engagement successes. To complement these efforts, Principal
Jeff Court outlined the division-level initiative that he led during February and March that focused on supporting relationships, building a culture of connection and sharing the story of school experiences.

2. Provincial and School Division Budget Developments
Trustees investigated the details of the education portion of the provincial budget and explored potential local impacts. The provincial budget was close to what was expected with increased allocation to fund the provincially negotiated teacher agreement, but no funding increase to accommodate other fixed or cost of living increases related to fuel, insurance, labour, maintenance or other costs. The Board recognizes the financial support from the Ministry during this pandemic year, but it is clear that with increasing costs and no corresponding increase in funding, the 2021-2022 budget will bring some staffing and programming challenges.

3. Comprehensive Facilities Report
Mike Hurd, Superintendent of Facilities, was applauded for the efforts and achievements he and his team achieved again over the previous 12 months. During the review of the Facilities Accountability Report, the Board explored the facilities budget, staffing, safety programs, caretaking procedures, maintenance operations, capital planning, and facility condition index for the current and future years. One of the highlights was the division-wide LED replacement project that used mostly external funding sources and will provide significant energy cost savings now and into the future. The Board also expressed its appreciation for the attention to sanitization during COVID and to the overall approach to ensure facilities are well-maintained, safe and supportive of division’s programs.

The Board hopes this brief update can provide information and promote communication.  If you want further details about the Board and its meetings, you can find information at this link SRPSD Board Information or under the “About Us” tab at www.srsd119.ca.  You are also encouraged to contact your local trustee.

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