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June 20, 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

Board Celebrates Graduates

The Board members’ forum is part of each Board meeting that provides an opportunity for trustees to share accolades or concerns from constituents and summarize recent trustee activities.  At the recent meeting, this part of the agenda was full of celebrations of Grade 12 Graduations and Grade 8 Farewells.  Elementary schools often have ceremonies to celebrate their Grade 8s who will be moving to high schools and SRPSD has 11 high schools that each have distinct and meaningful graduation ceremonies to honour graduates.  Trustees shared stories of fantastic graduates and supportive communities that joined to celebrate this milestone in the lives of young people.  The Board offered its congratulations to the students and families that have worked hard to achieve this accomplishment and also expressed its gratitude for the staff in schools and behind the scenes who have provided the support and expertise to provide excellence for every learner.

Student Trustee Encourages Action to End Sexual Violence

At its recent meeting, the Board received a report from student trustee Tia-Lee McCallum that provided information about the growing movement to end sexual violence in schools.  The report provided some background information about the High School Too movement and reminded the Board of the Children’s Advocate report on youth mental health that is related to the issue.  Ms. McCallum also provided some suggestions for actions the Board could take to support the movement and help end sexual violence.  The discussion also included some ideas for curriculum development that might provide some learning opportunities for students to build awareness, prevention and resilience.  The Board approved a motion that committed trustees to learning more and taking action.

Board Establishes Work Plan and Meeting Schedule

The Board is constantly looking to ensure decisions today lead to a positive future for the division and students.  At its recent meeting, looking in detail at the 2022-23 year, the Board established its Work Plan and meeting schedule.  The Work Plan outlines the known topics for discussion, the decisions needed, and engagement events for the upcoming school year.  The Board decided to make a significant change to its meeting schedule and has committed to two regular meetings for most months in the coming year.  There are significant work trustees do between meetings, but the Board determined that the collective work of the Board requires more frequent meetings.  The Work Plan forms part of Policy 2: Role of the Board and it is available along with the meeting schedule in the “About Us” tab at www.srsd119.ca.

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