Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Supports

The Inclusive Learning Team (ILT) helps teachers grow and learn as educational professionals. Instruction and assessment supports to teachers include coaching, planning assistance, curricular information, resource guidance, integrated and multi-grade curricular support, and various professional development opportunities.

Assessment, Instruction and Curricular Links
Indigenous Perspectives

Technology Information
Grade, Subject & Learning LinksClick here to go to Indigenous PerspectivesWeb Based SoftwareTeacher
Alternative Education CurriculaComputer Based Software
Academic Intervention ProtocolSmart Notebook 17 Information May 2018
Assessment SupportsTechPilot Dashboard
Ministry of Education – CurriculumTechPilot Instructions
Ministry of Education - Supporting All LearnersLending Libraries
Safety Guidelines for Physical EducationDigital Citizenship Information
SRPSD AthleticsWeb surfing certificate information attaching personal (Student) devices to our WiFi
Professional DevelopmentStudents Achieve