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High School Open House Events

If you are a student or parent who wants to know what your SRPSD high schools have to offer, your opportunity has arrived because its Open House time!  PACI had its open house recently so if you missed it, feel free to contact the principal Dawne Adams at any time for information and details.  The next two open house dates are:

Wesmor: Tuesday April 9, 2019 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Carlton: Thursday April 11, 2019 starting at 6:30pm

The SRPSD high school programs are diverse and amazing.  Opportunities for personalized, engaging learning experiences, including French Immersion, exist throughout the Saskatchewan Rivers high schools.  If you have already experienced a tour at one of the schools and have more detailed questions, or if you have questions at any time, the principal would welcome your phone call or visit.  Please stop by for a visit and a conversation and see how SRPSD schools provide excellence for high school students.