Winding River Hutterite Colony is located between the towns of Birch Hills and St.Louis on the south side of the South Saskatchewan River.

Winding River Colony School has one teacher/principal and 10 students ranging from kindergarten to grade 9 in one classroom. The building has a large classroom, a library, an office, 2 bathrooms and a furnace room. Students start their school day with German School in the morning from 8:00- 8:45, then they continue with English School until 3:00, and have German school again from 4:00-5:00 pm.  German school is taught by the minister from the colony and English School is taught by Alison Korecki, one of SRPSD’s many talented teachers.

Students follow the same curricula as other students in the province, but do not use computers, iPads, and similar technology in school..  Students spend extra time outside of school helping their families with farm chores like tending to animals, helping with seeding and harvest, helping with younger children, cooking and cleaning and other chores around the farm. Many students also enjoy reading in their spare time. Currently when students turn 15 they stop attending English School to enter into a period of apprenticeship with other adults on the farm. When they are 17 they are assigned regular adult duties.

Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division embraces diversity in its many forms. Winding River Colony School shows how schools can come in many sizes and grade configurations and yet still provide that excellent learning experience for students.