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Superheroes Read!

READING at John Diefenbaker Public School is our superhero power. Student success is celebrated K to Grade 8. JD superhero readers are everywhere! On our bulletin boards each class has a city building to light up. Each individual goal met gets a window for the classroom building.  After reaching individual reading goals, students visit the office for a superhero reward and a dress up photo opportunity.  After a number of individual goals are achieved, classroom celebrations happen! Students love the recognition, the dressing up, and the rewards. JD is proud of the accomplishments and excitement of our superhero readers. Superheroes read at JD!

I’m a super hero

And READING is the key!

‘Cause reading gives you super powers

Just you wait and see!

So you want to be a SUPER READER,

And have powers like me?

Well set a goal!


And POWERFUL you’ll be!

Lorelle Meyer