The staff and students of WJB are thrilled to welcome four fluffy, healthy, and adorable chicks to the WJB family!!!!

Our wonderful adventure was intended to give every student an opportunity to get a firsthand experience about the process of chicks hatching and growing.  Over the course of the 21 day incubation period, the anticipation and excitement grew in the school. While we patiently awaited the arrival of our feathered friends, we took time to learn about the life cycle of a chicken, found and read books about chicks and chickens, completed various crafts and art projects, and learned about life on a farm. Some classes, such as our Kindergarten class, made a point of coming down to the library toward the end of each day to read a story by the “Chick Nursery”. To our delight 4 out of 8 eggs hatched over the Queen Victoria Day long week-end, and the chicks are enjoying their temporary home in the school’s reading tub.

The chicks will return to Mrs. Huddlestone’s acreage where they will be able to free-range and spend the summer eating bugs, worms, and plants.