Inclusion and Intervention Plan Guidelines (2017) – Saskatchewan Education

An Inclusion and Intervention Plan (IIP) is a written document provided by the Ministry of Education.  Using this document, a collaborative team develops, implements and tracks the compilation of student outcomes that have the highest priority for the student during a school year.
The Ministry of Education requires an IIP for students who:

  • Are working on learning outcomes that differ from those in the provincial curricula for their grade level
  • Require specific instructional strategies and individualized support beyond the adaptive dimension
  • Require intensive supports.

The eIIP is designed to:

  • enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of intervention planning; enhance the accountability of outcomes that are measured;
  • track progress reporting;
  • enable smooth transitioning of information within schools and school divisions, and across the province.

(Adapted from Ministry of Education presentation, SRSD, January, 2013)