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Early Years

Prekindergarten/Kindergarten – Considerations When Providing Families with Supplemental Learning Opportunities
Kindergarten to Grade 3 Resources (Language Arts, Math, Français)

Middle Years

Middle Years Teacher Resources for At Home Learning

High School Years

Learning Supports for Grade 9-12 Teachers

Indigenous Perspectives PreK – 12

Indigenous Perspectives in the Classroom (PreK – 12)

Additional Supports

Local Contacts
Learning Differences
Behaviour Management
Anger Management
Activities for Daily Living
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Sensory Processing
Visual Skills
SRPSD Home Programs
Speech Sound Development
Language Development
Social Communication
Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Fluency/Smooth Speech
Rosetta Stone - Free for Students
Storybooks Canada
Strategies for English Language Distance Learning

Saskatchewan Teachers Federation – Teacher Supports

Government of Saskatchewan

EdCan Network

Well at Home:  Resources for K-12 Staff Teaching and Working Though the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Teach From Home
  • Well-Being
  • COVID-19 Response Management
  • Many other topics

Microsoft Education Centre

Special Education and Accessibility Resources for Remote Learning