The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division No. 119 of Saskatchewan Charity was registered as a Charitable Organization on September 2, 1997.

The charitable organization was formed to solicit funds or gifts in kind for the purpose of carrying out training, instruction and improving human knowledge through the establishment and operating of schools in the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division including the provision of scholarships, busaries and prizes for scholastic achievement and to undertake research in a recognized field of knowledge.

A gift for the purpose of the Income Tax Act, is a voluntary transfer of property without consideration. The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division No. 119 Charity can issue an official donation receipt for a gift it receives when all of the following conditions are met:

  • there is a transfer of property (usually cash) to the charity
  • the property is given voluntarily; and
  • the donor receives no benefit in return

For further information with respect to the operation of the Charity Fund or to make a Tax Deductible donation please contact:

Saskatchewan Rivers School Division No. 119 @ (306) 764-1571 extension 2003