Prekindergarten Programs are available for children who are turning 3 or 4 years of age by December 31 of the school year they hope to be in PreKindergarten. Prekindergarten programs were developed in the province to support the overall development of young children and to lay the foundation for school success and lifelong learning. The focus of the program is on the healthy development of the whole child – physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Because the school believes that children learn from family members as well as from Prekindergarten staff,  schools partner with family members and caregivers to provide the best program to support the child’s overall development. Parents, caregivers, and extended family members are welcome to participate in all activities and experience opportunities to enhance parenting skills and strengthen social and health supports.

Prekindergarten programs are offered in the following Saskatchewan Rivers’ schools:

Canwood Public School
(306) 468-2150

École Arthur Pechey Public School

(306) 922-9229
John Diefenbaker Public School
(306) 763-6031
King George Public School
(306) 763-7571
Kinistino Public School
(306) 864-2252
Princess Margaret Public School
(306) 763-5217
Queen Mary Public School
(306) 763-7672
Riverside Public School
(306) 763-6495
Shellbrook Elementary Public School
(306) 747-2588
St. Louis Public School
(306) 422-8511
T.D. Michel Public School
(306) 469-2128
Vincent Massey Public School
(306) 763-7494
W.J. Berezowsky Public School
(306) 763-7404
Westview Public School
(306) 922-4094

The times and days of each Prekindergarten program vary somewhat so parents are asked to contact the school for more specific information regarding program format. SRPSD Schools