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Community Honour Walk Queen Mary Public School


On September 30th as our country observed its first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, so did we at Queen Mary with a Community Honour Walk. Staff and students took part in lessons and activities throughout the week leading up to our walk, to learn about residential schools and the importance of sharing our past and learning our history, in order to move forward and heal.

One of the activities that students participated in was called Rocks of Remembrance, where students collected rocks and painted them orange, and then on our Community Honour Walk gently placed these rocks around our school community. These rocks represent beacons of hope and remembrance in honour of those who never made it home, and those who have survived residential schools.

Thank you to Superintendent Hingley, Constable Derek Simonson, and Ward 1 City Councillor Charlene Miller for joining us on this important journey!