1.      Trustees Anticipate ExtravaBANDza

Earlier this year, the Board learned that the impacts of COVID limited the scope of the local music festival. The Board values music and the fine arts instruction so school Trustees were very excited and impressed that local band teachers organized an SRPSD band festival. Music teachers across the division are making special efforts to prepare festival pieces and on top of that Shelly Acorn, Kayla Ginter, Lauren Lohneis, Scott Roos, Kayleigh Skomorowski, and Amy Timm have led the work to organize ExtravaBANDza. Maintenance, caretaking, academic and administrative staff at Carlton Comprehensive Public High School have supported the endeavor as hosts of the event. Hundreds of band students will converge at Carlton as they express their talent and passion for music on May 16-19, 2022.

2.       Partnerships and Relationships Support Students

At its recent meeting, the Board discussed ways that SRPSD might support PAGC after the tragic fire at Senator Allen Bird Memorial Centre. Discussions between SRPSD and PAGC will continue as the community works to manage the absence of the PAGC facility. Trustees also appreciated the work the PAGC staff have offered to share in their Embracing Life initiative to support youth mental well-being. The Saskatchewan Rivers Students for Change were thankful for the opportunity to preview the Embrace Life app and student trustees Tia-Lee McCallum and Daniel Vidal shared their positive impressions of the app with the rest of the Board. These kinds of partnerships provide strength and efficiency for the good work that benefits students and families in our communities.

3.      Trustees See Evidence of Excellence during School Tours

Trustees tour several schools every year, and this year, day one of the tours included Meath Park, Christopher Lake, Red Wing, Spruce Home and Wild Rose. Trustees were impressed with the student participation in leading the tours and with the many examples of excellence in academic programs, innovative approaches to support academic success and mental well-being. Students shared their work on reading & literacy success, self-regulation & resilience, and on inclusion and citizenship. All of these activities occurred in schools that were obvious indications of success of Facilities Superintendent Mike Hurd and his team. This work was highlighted at the recent Board meeting where the Preventative Maintenance and Renewal Plan was endorsed by the Board. Trustees look forward to day two of school tours to see first hand the excellent learning that SRPSD students experience in our top-notch schools.

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