SRPSD School Re-Entry Plan Revised

In June SRPSD developed our draft plan for return to school for the 2020-2021 school year and indicated that we would publish a more complete plan in mid-August.  At that time we also invited staff and parents to help guide the development of that plan and we received some very helpful feedback from all schools, many other staff and hundreds of parents – thank you for providing that support.  Our plan was to consider feedback from staff, parents, public and the Ministry over the summer, revise and enhance the plan and then publish it in mid-August.  However, on July 28 school divisions received Ministry feedback on their plans with instructions to incorporate the feedback and publish the revised plans for the public today.


The current plan is at the link below, but please know that it is not yet final.  SRPSD continues to find better ways to align with government direction and support the physical and mental safety of students and staff when school re-opens in the fall.  We also search for different ways to provide an excellent educational experience in these uncertain times.  There are questions that remain, more details to add and further clarification required.  We will continue to find the best solutions possible in the coming days.  The division will continue to make revisions and enhancements to the plan well into the school year, because circumstances related to COVID-19, our knowledge/experience and the directives from the Ministry will continue to change.  Still, we will have a more complete plan for school re-opening published by August 17, 2020.

The questions, suggestions and support from parents is appreciated and valued so please continue to stay connected as we work together to make the return to school safe, healthy and educationally excellent.

SRPSD School Re-Entry Plan