Board Approves 2022-2023 School Division Budget

Over the last many years, fiscal stewardship has been an essential strength of the SRPSD Board of Education’s governance work.  Last year, the Board made difficult budget decisions to prepare a solid path for the future.  Since then, staff and trustees have worked successfully to reconnect students and families to schools during the pandemic and SRPSD enrolment has increased as a result. Hard decisions last year and increased funding for enrolment growth this year made the 2022-2023 budget more manageable.  The budget will firmly support all five areas of the Strategic Plan and specifically will allocate additional teachers and EAs to Literacy Support and to Mental Health and Wellbeing.  The Board did identify significant needs that are not fully supported by the provincial grants to school divisions and will continue to advocate for sufficient and predictable funding to meet those needs.

Citizenship and Relationships Take Centre Stage

The Board was excited to learn that student leaders from École Debden Public School were honoured with one of 3 provincial student citizenship awards for high school students.  The Public Schools of Saskatchewan honoured Kyra, Desiree, Gracie, Rose and their SLC advisor Ms. Poirier with the award at its recent gathering. These students developed and implemented their Mind Your Health Movement with great success and a summary video is here  The Board was also impressed by the contributions and participation of so many SRPSD students and staff during the successful Heart of the Youth Pow Wow.  Elder Liz Settee is a driving force for this event and she has expressed her appreciation for the committee of community partners and for the full support of SRPSD staff and students that build community relationships and move us towards Reconciliation.

SRPSD Anticipates Staff Recognition Event

After a COVID-induced hiatus, the SRPSD Staff Recognition Event will be back on June 13, 2022.  The Board consistently expresses their appreciation for the admirable work of all the division staff and this event is an opportunity to honour those staff who have reached long service milestones.  The Board will celebrate staff with 20, 25, 30 years of service to the SRPSD students and families and will congratulate all of the retiring staff for their successful careers.  It is an honour for the Board to formally recognize the amazing staff at this event.

The Board hopes this brief update can provide information and promote communication.  If you want further details about the Board and its meetings, you can find information at this link SRPSD Board Information or under the “About Us” tab at  You are also encouraged to contact your local trustee.

We look forward to the connection!

SRPSD Board of Education
Barry Hollick, Chair Arne Lindberg
Darlene Rowden,

Vice-Chair Jaimie Smith-Windsor
Cher Bloom Alan Nunn
Bill Gerow, Michelle Vickers
Grant Gustafson Bill Yeaman