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January 10, 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

1. Inclusive Education Report
At its recent meeting, the Board received a report from Superintendent Tom Michaud that outlined the division’s work to support inclusive education. The Board noted the significant successes outlined by the data and the anecdotal evidence and particularly noted the broadening of the report to include new areas of evidence. The division’s understanding of inclusion has grown far beyond the support for students with intensive needs to include support for mental health, gender diversity, language diversity and more. The Board also appreciated the clear alignment of the report with the Board’s new strategic plan. The discussion also included comments about the need for appropriate funding from the province as the division spends more than $3M beyond what it is allocated in this area.

2. Renewal of SCC Engagement & Support
The value of School Community Councils (SCCs) for school success is a common item that emerges in Board discussions, and at its recent meeting, that was a focus topic. The recent provincial virtual gathering of school Boards provided research and sessions on effective models to support SCCs and parent engagement. The SRPSD Board is putting that knowledge to work as they revise their process to connect with SCCs. Trustees will continue to connect with individual SCC meetings, but instead of just a single gathering, trustees plan to meet with clusters of SCCs from similar schools to strengthen the connection and support for SCCs and to identify division-wide common needs.

3. SRPSD Continues to Respond to the TRC’s Calls to Action
Trustees reviewed a mid-year report on the actions, successes and future plans for the division’s responses to the Calls to Action. SRPSD continues to actively and directly respond to the 94 Calls to Action issued by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the Board noted the success of our responses is clearly reflected in student achievement. One of the highlights was the divisions response to call 10.iv to support Indigenous languages. The Cree Language program established and expanded at John Diefenbaker, the partnership with Metis Nation – Saskatchewan to establish the Michif Language and Culture program at St. Louis and Queen Mary and SRPSD’s creation of an “Indigenous Language Teacher Learning Community” with participation from neighboring school
divisions are all actions in response to the call. There are a myriad of ways SRPSD staff and students respond to the calls and immeasurable ways those responses have positive impacts on students and communities.

The Board hopes this brief update can provide information and promote communication. Further details about the Board’s leadership and its meetings, at this link SRPSD Board Information, or under the “About Us” tab at www.srsd119.ca. You are also encouraged to contact your local Trustee.

We look forward to the connection!

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