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Graduating Class of Wesmor Public High School

Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division
recognizes the
Graduating Class of 2020

Living through a world-wide pandemic has impacted our graduates in a profound way. Although these young women and men will miss out on many of the graduation rituals that mark this milestone, this graduating class is a part of the world’s history.

These exceptional young men and women have done what no other graduating class has done before.  They will say with pride, in the storm of the Coronavirus Pandemic, I was resilient enough to persevere and work with my teachers to find creative ways to earn the credits needed to graduate. We see them taking advantage of every opportunity to further their education or find career paths which will allow them to experience equally in all that our province has to offer.

Graduates you may not be able to see all of our faces on the day you watch your virtual graduation ceremony, but please know we are filled with joy, pride and the firm belief that each and every one of the class of 2020 has the potential to impact our communities in positive ways. You have within you the gifts and passion to create a joyful future.

It is with great pride and respect that we congratulate and present Wesmor Public High Schools Grad Class of 2020.

The staff of Wesmor Public High School