Qualifications of Voters

A person is eligible to vote in a school division who, on election day:

  • is a Canadian citizen;
  •  is at least 18 years of age;
  •  has resided in Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months immediately preceding the day of the election; and
  • has resided in the school division, or land now in the school division for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding the day of the election.

A person who is registered as a voter in a public school division is not eligible to vote in any other school division.


How to Vote


  • There will not be door-to-door enumeration of voters. Register at all the poll when you vote.


  • An election official will assist you with completing a Voter’s Registration form and you will be asked to sign it. You will also be asked to provide evidence of identity and residence.


  • After you have registered, you will receive a ballot with the names of the candidates. You may vote for up to the number of candidates to be elected for each office.


Evidence of Identity and Residence

A voter shall:

(a) provide to the deputy returning officer and the poll clerk one of the following to prove his or her identity:

(i)one piece of identification issued by the Government of Canada, the Government of  Saskatchewan, a municipality or a government agency that contains a photograph of the voter and his or her name and address (Saskatchewan driver’s license) or

(ii)two pieces of information prescribed in the regulations, each of which establishes the voter’s name and at least one of which establishes the voter’s address;  (e.g. tax notice, utilities bill) or

(b)be accompanied by a voter who is entitled to vote at the same polling place and can prove/verify identity and residence.