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École Debden Public School Awarded Student Citizenship Award

Public Schools of Saskatchewan held its second annual Student Citizenship Award initiative.  This award recognizes student groups or classes that support citizenship or character building within their school and community.

In March 2022, École Debden Public School student Gracie Cyr saw a poster for a $1000 Student Leadership Award.  She knew Desireé Pott, Kyra Johnson, and Rose Fry would help her achieve the goal of spreading joy throughout the school and community.  They put together a short video that showed their dedication to making their school a healthier and happier place during the 2021-2022 school year.  They called this project “Mind Your Health Movement”.  The focus was mental and physical well-being.  This ambitious team of inspired young ladies won the award!  On Friday, June 3, they travelled to Saskatoon to meet with the Saskatchewan Public School Board to receive their award. Throughout the coming year, they plan on continuing this movement in hopes of ending the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting positivity and teamwork. They are very honoured to have had this amazing opportunity.

Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division congratulates Gracie Cyr, Desireé Pott, Kyra Johnson, Rose Fry on a job well done!

Left to Right:
Minister of Education Honourable Dustin Duncan, Desireé Pott, Gracie Cyr, Rose Fry,
and SLC Advisor Gisèle Poirier