Canwood Public School

Canwood recently got involved with The Royal Saskatchewan Museum as they held a Saskatchewan Fossil campaign in April to select the provincial fossil (we have lots of provincial emblems, but no fossil emblem!). They had a contest for Grade 7 classes across the province to create a short video championing one of the fossils and

Wild Rose Public School

The official awareness week for PID World Awareness was April 22-29. Recently the students, staff and school community of Wild Rose Public School came together in an effort to raise awareness of Primary Immune Deficiencies (PID). This disorder affects one of the families at Wild Rose and so we thought it would be nice to

Science Club Road Tripping!

Meath Park Public School’s Science Club travelled to the University of Saskatchewan on Wednesday April 27th to compete in the Let’s Talk Science Challenge. This is a science event hosted by 23 universities across Canada to challenge grade 6-8 students to learn more about science, math, and technology. The competition consisted of a 60 minute quiz

Science is a Verb!

Science is  a verb!  It’s a way of thinking and a method for finding answers. The Grade 8 class at Arthur Pechey read about the properties of a fluid, and then tested a strange substance called “oobleck” to determine if it is indeed a fluid using the criteria they had collected.  The odd thing about

B U B Confident Girls Group

École Vickers Public School believes in helping globally and perform selfless acts locally too. B U B CONFIDENT girls group, organized a school food drive to support the growing need at our local food bank. In total, they collected an amazing 599 items!!!!

SRPSD Announces Expansion of French Immersion Program

Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division is proud to announce the Board decision to expand French Immersion Programming. To read more about this exciting development and the new learning opportunities from SRPSD, Read the full Media Release here