Meath Park Public School’s Science Club travelled to the University of Saskatchewan on Wednesday April 27th to compete in the Let’s Talk Science Challenge. This is a science event hosted by 23 universities across Canada to challenge grade 6-8 students to learn more about science, math, and technology. The competition consisted of a 60 minute quiz show and a 40 minute design challenge in which students had to build a “robotic arm” to retrieve “starfish” off the “ocean floor”. Meath Park sent two teams to the competition and one of them, “Element 119,” placed first out of 24 teams. The group finished out a great science trip by exploring the geology department’s natural science displays and the Canada Light Source Synchrotron.

Congratulations to Emily Zbaraschuk, Sarah Conn, Nic Aiken, McKenzie Brassard, Ryan Adamko, J.B. Camagong, Jazmin Boyer, and Sabrina Hazzard for representing their school and school district so well. Thanks to teacher Lorie Zbaraschuk for submitting this great story!