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Shellbrook Elementary Public School creates their version of “Who Would Win?”

During May, grade 3 and 4 students at Shellbrook Elementary created their own spinoff of the very popular book series “Who Would Win.”  They spent many class periods reading, researching, and note-taking before beginning to draft their own profile pages.  They then continued to write a short battle that featured both of their animals. The grade 3’s went on to write a multi-paragraph report about their winning animal, while the grade 4’s wrote an opinion piece to explain why the

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SRPSD salutes the DLC Graduates

Congratulations, DLC Graduates!  You are trailblazers in our community as the first group of students to graduate from the SRPSD Distance Learning Centre.  You embraced new challenges, and developed academic grit and determination while attending the DLC.   As online learners, you have developed skills for success that will also serve you well in your future endeavors.  The DLC staff are very proud to have shared this year with all of you.  We wish you all the best wherever your path

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Board Meeting Highlights – June 7, 2021

1. Reserves Required to Balance Budget in Challenging Times After several months of development discussions, deliberation and direction, the Board formally approved the 2021-22 budget for the next fiscal year. Jerrold Pidborochynski, Chief Financial Officer, presented the details of the budget that includes staff reductions through attrition, increased efficiencies in several areas, and approval of $950K contribution from accumulated surplus. The Board considered the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic as an exceptional circumstance that warranted the use of surplus to

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The staff and students of WJB are thrilled to welcome four fluffy, healthy, and adorable chicks to the WJB family!!!! Our wonderful adventure was intended to give every student an opportunity to get a firsthand experience about the process of chicks hatching and growing.  Over the course of the 21 day incubation period, the anticipation and excitement grew in the school. While we patiently awaited the arrival of our feathered friends, we took time to learn about the life cycle

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Wild Rose Students Plant Garden Boxes

On Monday, May 31, 2021, the Kindergarten to Grade 8 students planted garden boxes.  They care for the plants daily by watering and pulling weeds.   In the Fall, the students harvest the garden.  These delicious vegetables provide a healthy snack for the students, and in the past, classes have made salsa or have taken vegetables home to their families.  What a great show of teamwork and community building.

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Congratulations St. Louis Public School Graduates

Graduates! It is an honour to have each of you represent us as the St. Louis Public School’s graduating class of 2021. I have been fortunate enough to see you grow from grade sixes in the elementary end to leaders and role models in our school and community. I have complete faith in each of you to take your place in our ever changing society and make a positive difference, stand up for your values, and see the success that

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