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Board Meeting Highlights October 5, 2020

1. School Board Elections Only One Month Away
The Board has ensured that COVID-safe structures and processes are in place to support the democratic election of your local school board. Successful trustees currently serving on the Board and those interested in running for a seat have until October 7th to submit nomination forms. The election occurs on November 9th and trustees are excited for the campaign and election process. See the candidate biographies and learn all about the election through the “Elections” tab on our division website at www.srsd119.ca/?page_id=994.

2. Changes to Support SCC Operations
After many successful years of Program Enhancement Grants distributed to schools across the division, a review of the program has led to further enhancements. Beginning this school year instead of a competitive application process to access those funds, the Board will distribute those funds to each school’s SCC. This change strengthens local voice and provides additional funding for the SCCs to provide support for the schools learning program.

3. SRPSD Board Provides Provincial Influence
The recent Board meeting provided a glimpse of SRPSD’s influence on the provincial association of school boards. Trustee Smith-Windsor has been an active executive member of the Saskatchewan School Board’s Association (SSBA) for several years and just announced her candidacy for the Vice President of the association. The SRPSD influence was also clear as the Board debated the proposed SSBA budget, executive structure/composition as well as several resolutions that will be submitted
for consideration by the provincial membership. Local voice in governance is essential and it is reassuring to know that the local SRPSD voice also is heard at the provincial level.

The Board hopes that this brief update can provide information and promote two-way communication. If you want further details about the Board and its meetings, you can find information here SRPSD Board Information, but you are also encouraged to contact your local trustee:
We look forward to the connection!

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