Inclusive Learning Team

Instruction and Assessment SupportsStudent Support Services
The Inclusive Learning Team (ILT) exists to help teachers grow and learn within SRPSD and beyond. Instruction and Assessment Services to teachers include coaching, planning assistance, curricular information, resource guidance, integrated and multi-grade curricular support, and various professional development opportunities.

The Student Support Services Team is comprised of professionals who work collaboratively to provide supports to staff, students, and families.
The team consists of Consultants, Speech and Language Pathologists, Registered Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, and English as an Additional Language Teachers. The Student Support Services team works collaboratively with school teams and families to identify and implement interventions and supports that are aligned with student needs and will contribute to continued student growth.
You will find:You will find:
Subject & Learning LinksSSS School Cluster Assignments
Alternative Education CurriculaSSS Forms and Manuals
Academic Intervention Protocol
SSS Strategies & Resources
Web Based SoftwareSRPSD Language, Speech, & Hearing Resources
Digital Citizenship InformationReferral Process Information
MaterialsSpecialized Learning Centres Information (K-8)
TabPilot iPad user Information
TabPilot InstructionsEnglish as an Additional Language (EAL)

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