Criminal Record Check Requirement

It is a condition of employment, internship, and practicum, that all candidates provide a criminal record check and a vulnerable sector check.  We will only accept the original document(s) and they must be no older than one (1) year.  We will copy and return the original document(s) to the candidate.

You would not be able to commence employment, internship, or practicum without this.  The process may take anywhere from 1 week to 6 months, therefore, if you are considering applying for employment, internship or practicum with our school division, we strongly encourage you to initiate this process well in advance.

Letter Required – you must print the CRC Letter and take the letter with you to the policing agency you will be requesting your Criminal Record Check from.  This letter is required in order to have the vulnerable sector check completed.

If you live within the City of Prince Albert, you have to request this from the Prince Albert Police Service.  Information on how they process criminal record checks and the form you will require can be found at the following site:

Be sure to indicate your consent for the vulnerable sector search.

If you live outside the City of Prince Albert and not in a municipality that has its own police force, then you must go to the RCMP detachment in the area where you reside.  Information on how they process criminal record checks can be found at the following site:

There are two forms required.  They are:

  • RCMP GRC 3584e: Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information; and
  • RCMP GRC 3923e: Consent for a Criminal Record Check for a Sexual Offence for Which a Pardon has been Granted

If you live in another municipality which has its own police force, you will have to get your criminal record check and vulnerable sector check from them.