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Generous Alumni Makes $100,000 Donation to Birch Hills Public School

Birch Hills Public School, and the entire Saskatchewan Rivers School Division, are amazed and grateful at the generosity of a Birch Hills School alumni who recently stopped by the school with a check for $100,000.

This is a private donation from a former student of the school.  The donor, who prefers to remain anonymous, made it clear that the donation is unconditional gift to benefit students and the school.  He hopes that the donation will encourage all alumni to come forward and remember the contribution they received from their public school experience.

Principal Jeff Court was excited and honored by the  generous donation and is looking forward to managing the gift in a way that has significant positive impacts for the current and future Birch Hills students.  The students and families will certainly express gratitude in a number of ways, but perhaps the best way to say thanks is to ensure that his gift is well-used to support students and that students make the most of opportunities made available by this gift.  The Birch Hills Public School community will certainly make sure that happens.