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SaskTel Pioneers to Support Literacy!

Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division is excited to receive a wonderful gift from the SaskTel Pioneers to support Literacy!  The SaskTel Pioneers is a volunteer organization of SaskTel employees and recently they donated boxes and boxes of books to SRPSD schools. The Pioneers sourced the books through First Book Canada which is another organization that supports Literacy efforts.  These partnerships  have a strong positive effect on students. In part, they help to:

  • Elevate the quality of literacy programs.
  • Enrich the learning experience for children in need.
  • Enable teachers to better support curricula.
  • Impart a love of reading to children.

This is not the first time the Pioneers have gifted the students in Saskatchewan Rivers.  In the past, they have provided books for early years students and so this year they decided to focus on the students in the upper elementary grades.  They have provided approximately 500 popular, high interest books for SRPSD students and the books will be distributed among schools across the division.