Class of 2015 celebrates achievements with loved ones

Since being named valedictorian for the class of 2015 at Wesmor Public High School, Sandy Anderson said earning the title has meant everything to him.

It is also a reflection of how involved Anderson became with the school such as being a leader within the school and the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Board.

“There’s a great staff at Wesmor,” Anderson said. “They’re just like family to us.”

During the graduation ceremony, which took place at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Wednesday morning, Anderson addressed how his teachers made an impact on himself and his peers during the year.

“To the Wesmore staff, thanks for caring so much, for taking time for each and helping every one of us succeed,” he said.

He also addressed the rest of the 23 graduating students.

“Today is a special day for us, everything — the education we received at Wesmor will be a platform to launch us into our future,” Anderson said. “We may face challenges as we grow, but I ask that each and every one of you, and myself … will face those challenges with our heads held high.

“I wish all the graduates … the best of luck and reach your aspirations.”

Anderson said he plans to attend SUNTEP to become a teacher.

Graduate Brianna Aubichon taken by surprise when she was presented with both the Governor General of Canada Bronze Medal Award and the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division Award.

“They didn’t tell me I was getting an award,” Aubichon said. “It feels awesome, really awesome. I’m so happy.”

Aubichon was also presented with the Bonnie Bates Memorial Award in recognition of the challenge of raising a baby while continuing to attend high school.

She plans to take a year to work and then attend post-secondary school in culinary or arts.

Overcoming adversities

Guest speaker Carolyn Lemire addressed the entire graduating class and commended them for overcoming adversities to reach this point in their lives.

“Some of you have overcome many adversities in your short lives to come here,” Lemire said. “Some of you it’s housing, grief, finances, mental health … you are here.”

She noted that some students will be crossing the stage as young parents and role models for their young children.

“You could have quit, you could have packed it all in and said ‘enough is enough’ but you endured, you persevered.

“The common thread I found is that you were all determined to get your Grade 12 diploma,” she added.

Education is a way to make a difference in our society, Lemire said.

“It will empower you, it will open doors that are previously closed.

“I am proud of you. You have used education to cement the foundation on which to build your lives … I hope you continue to push yourselves to be all that you can be.”