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Academic difficulties

Teaching Students Skills for Life: Teacher Resource Guide for Individualized

Behavioural difficulties

Mental Health Resources

Community Resources

English Language Learners

Lending Library

Occupational Therapy

Speech and language difficulties

SSS Workshop Presentations



Looking for visuals for classroom/individual interventions?  Please see the folder at the following link:
T:\Teaching and Learning Resources\SSS_Shared Resources\Behaviour Visuals for Teachers\Social Narratives

NOTE: This folder includes the Comic Life and Social Narratives folders which were previously found under SpecEdReferrals/StudentSupportServices

Visual Supports Resources located on the SRPSD Language, Speech and Hearing Website

Woodcock Johnson Achievement – fourth edition (WJ-IV ACH)

Online scoring:

Note: The WJ-IV online system will only save your scores/report for 90 days.  Print and/or save a copy of the report or it will be lost after 90 days