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Plans Remain for January 18 Return to In-Person Learning

SRPSD is thankful and impressed by the amazing work of staff and the strong support by families during this period of remote learning.  As part of our ongoing conversations with the local team, Health has indicated a confident expectation that schools will return to in-person learning on January 18, 2021 as planned.  If there is any change to the return date, Health has committed to provide as much notice as possible so schools and families have time to prepare.

The remote learning experience is preferred by some, but it is very difficult for many staff and students.  Staff are working hard to adapt their teaching strategies and content to remote learning, and we appreciate students’ continued persistence and flexibility in participating in this required learning.  For this interim period, the remote learning cannot duplicate the learning experiences planned for in-person learning, but the essential learning outcomes will continue to be supported.  Parents are encouraged to stay connected with your child’s teachers to celebrated successes and work through challenges together.