The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education’s Early Learning Intensive Support Program is for three and four-year old children with significant developmental delays requiring intensive support to meet their potential. A medical diagnosis is not required to qualify but there are a limited number of spaces available so not all children will be accepted to receive this support.  Factors such as the age of the child and other available services may impact selection. And, although children who are three or four years of age can attend the program, priority will be given to four year olds with preference to children who are not enrolled in another early learning program where intensive supports are being provided.

Additional spaces and supports in a limited number of Pre-Kindergarten programs in the city of Prince Albert will provide opportunities for children to engage in inclusive learning with other children the same age. Support will be provided through a collaborative team approach to meet individualized needs and to promote strengths from learning and participation. The unique needs and circumstances of the child, the class and facility will be considered for each situation.

Please see the Early Learning Intensive Supports brochure for additional information for families. To apply for the pilot program, please click and fill out the application form below and email it to Kathleen Schwartzenberger – Inclusive Learning Consultant at

For more information please email or call Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division and ask for Kathleen Schwartzenberger (306-764-1571).

Early Learning Intensive Supports Brochure

Early Learning Intensive Supports Application Form