Mission Statement and Educational Beliefs

The mission of the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division is to strive for excellence in education and to seek to maximize each child’s unique learning ability.

The motto for the School Division is “Excellence for Every Learner.”

Educational Beliefs

The Board of Education will govern with an emphasis on:

  • Providing an education for students which will enable them to become responsible members of society;
  • Setting the tone for the school division;
  • Providing leadership and direction;
  • Delivering a broad-based education program in a caring environment.

The Board of Education will operate as a policy making body. As it discharges this responsibility, the Board will:

  • Operate with integrity;
  • Operate in an open, accountable and approachable fashion;
  • Be well informed;
  • Be sensitive in its communication with stakeholders;
  • Treat its staff in a professional manner and value good staff morale;
  • Be proactive;
  • Be fiscally responsible.

The Board of Education believes in excellence in education. To this end, the education program of the school division will place emphasis on:

  • Maximizing every student’s ability to learn;
  • Promoting a school environment conducive to learning;
  • Providing a broad base of current knowledge to students;
  • Educating every student to be a citizen who is responsible, demonstrates integrity, respects him/herself and others and exhibits high self-esteem;
  • Instilling in students a sense of lifelong learning;
  • Delivering a value-oriented education to students. Core values such as respect, responsibility, joy and excellence are highly regarded;
  • Addressing the educational, cultural and spiritual needs of all students.

The Board of Education believes that an important purpose of education is to build a community where everyone is a learner. Therefore, the Board recognizes that:

  • The home has an important role in building a learning community and is a genuine partner in education;
  • An integrated services model is important and human services agencies are partners in education;
  • Its relationship with community partners and the business sector needs to be continuously enhanced;
  • It is important to have a trusting relationship among home, school, and community.