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Board Meeting Highlights  March 10, 2021

At the March 8, 2021, Board Meeting, staff appreciation emerged in many conversations.  Trustees frequently expressed gratitude for the amazing work of staff to provide excellence in education, despite the extra challenges from COVID.  Other meeting highlights include:

SRPSD Board Meeting with Minister of Education

Trustees valued the opportunity to meet virtually with the Minister of Education, Dustin Duncan and capitalized on the opportunity to welcome him to his role and share some of the many successes in SRPSD.  Minister Duncan expressed awareness and appreciation for the accomplishments of the division’s staff in sustaining outstanding work in Early Years programming and bringing alive in schools inclusive learning practices.  The enormity and nature of student need in the division surprised the Minister but he was thankful for the opportunity to learn and discuss potential solutions.

Trustee Learning & Development

SRPSD is laser-focused on learning and that is evident in the actions Trustees take at the Board table.  Discussions and decisions about student learning are prevalent, but Trustees also ensure they are staying current with best practices in education and governance.  At the recent meeting, the Board committed their time to participate in the upcoming national CAPSLE conference.  The virtual conference will provide high quality low cost learning on dozens of educational topics from governance, to anti-racist education, to post-pandemic planning and many more.  These sessions will support Trustees in their role as educational leaders and as effective voices in local government.

Division and Local Teachers Association Collaboration

Partnerships are a strong and essential part of SRPSD identity and despite COVID restrictions, the Board has sustained its many strong partnerships.  Later this month the Board will meet with the leadership of the Prince Albert and Area Teachers Association PAATA for its regular engagement meeting.  Agenda items are still being finalized but Trustees expect to provide the PAATA an update on the Board’s meeting with the Minister and look for further conversation about the division’s pandemic response.  There is a strong and valuable tradition of open and amicable conversations about diverse topics often leading to productive response.  The Board always appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with teachers on joint advocacy and action.

The Board hopes this brief update can provide information and promote communication.  If you want further details about the Board and its meetings, you can find information at this link SRPSD Board Information or under the “About Us” tab at www.srsd119.ca.  You are also encouraged to contact your local trustee.

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