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Live Streaming of Dance at PACI

Prince Albert Collegiate Institute  welcomed Chancz Perry, Godknows Kubassa and the LIVE Arts crew to our school for a Ghanian dance and music workshop!  Grade 9’s participated in the workshop and the Grade 7/8, Grade 5, and Grade 1/2 classes from King George Public School participated with us.

The Ghanaian Dance (and Music) workshop is facilitated by Chancz Perry and Godknows Kumassah. Godknows, a native of Ghana, brings remarkable live rhythms and syncopated beats to his drums. Chancz studied dance in Ghana and specializes in contemporary dance and movement forms. During this program, Chancz discusses how Ghanaian dance and music are used to celebrate birth, marriage and death. Students are learning a traditional, recreational, and social dance titled Gahu. Chancz  teaches students movement sequences while Godknows accompanies with percussive instrumentation. Studentsfeel transported to Ghana as they develop understanding through demonstration, interaction, repetition, and play.

These workshops were streamed live June 1 and 2 to over 4000 students in Saskatchewan via the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education LIVE Network. Our Communication Media 20 students helped with the broadcasting.  This venture is being supported by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

You can check it out through the LIVE Arts Website!