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What is an ASCD Connected Community?

ASCD connected communities bring together groups of individuals concerned with improving learning and teaching and who wish to align with ASCD. Each connected community determines its focus and definition. Connected Communities are defined by geographic boundaries and must be located in areas where there are no existing ASCD affiliates. Connected communities are one of the formal structures in which ASCD members provide leadership for self-organized groups within the ASCD community.

The Saskatchewan Connected Community.

The S-ASCD Connected Community is made up of a wide range of people interested in promoting high quality teaching and learning for the Whole Child in the province of Saskatchewan.

ASCD - Canadian Education Network

The S-ASCD is a proud member of the ASCD Canadian Education Network or CEN. With a free membership to this site you can converse with other Canadian ASCD members.

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Saskatchewan ASCD CC, an affiliate of ASCD International, is a diverse community of educators committed to quality public education.
We provide to our membership professional development opportunities that result in improved teaching and learning.