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Real World Math: Engaging Students through Global Issues by Facing the Future.

Integrated Learning Department Library

Actualization of Core Curriculum

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The Integrated Learning Department's purpose is to support teachers in the implementation and actualization of core curriculum.

Through a focus on higher literacy and achievement, equitable opportunities and smooth transitions, a wide range of services are available to SRSD teachers. Click the image to the left or "Get More Information" to visit our map of Components and Inititatives of Core Actualization.

This website also has links to all department initiatives and the research our team completes for administrators to use to complement school based initiatives as well.

Curriculum on the Wall

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The concept of a division having a central place where teachers can find sample unit plans complete with suggested instructional strategies and assessment methods is not new. Many divisions have used the strategy of having their scope and sequence of outcome driven units organized by subject and grade on a physical or virtual wall to answer the question "What is it we expect students to learn?".

Core Curricula

 English Language Arts and Kindergarten
The English Language Arts program is designed for students to extend their language skills and strategies and become competent and confident users of all six language arts strands. Kindergarten is a play-based curriculum where students are guided to construct their own understandings through the environment.
 Mathematics and Science
The mathematics program is intended to stimulate the spirit of inquiry within the context of mathematical thinking and reasoning. The science program is intended to provide students with scientific literacy in authentic situations through explanation, evidence, modeling, and technology.

Integrated Support Curricula

 Career Education
The aim of Career Education is to enable all students to develop essential skills and career management competencies to assist them in achieving their potential as they construct their life and work career.
 First Nations and Metis Education
All students Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal will come to appreciate their shared histories and respective cultures using a variety of resources digital, written and human.
21st century teaching and learning is an important cross curricular focus where students use a variety of technology tools to communicate, collaborate and become digital citizens.